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huahua in himitsu_spree

little piggy spree 2 CLOSED

there are 2 sites to choose items from, both of them belong to the same person.
Link to little piggy is HERE and HERE
sorry i'm extending this to 05.05.2008
Estimated exchange rate is 1SGD=20NT(easy calculation, excess will be deducted from shipping)

Please read the terms and conditions located HERE before placing your order in this format.

*Compulsory Details. Please fill in everything listed below.
*Contact number:
*Account type and number(that you will be using):
Please transfer the total amount to my POSB savings account, 126-75743-3

Please complete order form in this format.
Item Number XX
*Name of item:
*Item URL Address:
*Size: (if any)
*Colour: (if any)
*Price of Item (in NT):

you may post your order as a comment or email to me directly. thank you. ^^

All comments will be screened because of personal information.


got the amount, thanks!
hi, how long does piggy spree takes?
they always say 7-14 working days which i think is not possible obviously. i will say 1-2months from my past experiences.


hi, am interested in this spree, but it seems like response is low, will u still continue with spreeing? Cuz no one is ordering....?

Re: Orders

i can only tell you after 25th april, when i closed it and consolidate orders. cause right now i really don't have much orders.
anyway im closing it tomorrow. will be sending the email later. thanks
i already mass sent an email. did you get it?

Re: Order

total is 340/20+2=19
will mass send an email asap. thanks!

Transaction details

Amount: $19
Trans ref: 1692746587
Time/Date:4.55pm 4/5/2008
Mode of transfer (eg: ATM or IB): IB
Transfer to which bank (eg: UOB or POSB): POSB

Re: Transaction details

got it, thanks! ^^

Re: Transaction details

hi any update? is all spree order? and paid?

Re: Transaction details

order made, not paid yet.