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huahua in himitsu_spree

japanese drama spree 6

spree closing on 05.10.2009

list of japanese dramas available.
(if you want a drama missing from the list, please feel free to ask.

All dramas come with Japanese audio and Traditional Chinese subtitles.
The drama sets consist of 2 DVDs and priced at $13 each unless otherwise stated.

*Compulsory Details. Please fill in everything listed below.
*Account type and number(that you will be using):
Please transfer the total amount to my POSB savings account, 126-75743-3

Please complete order form in this format.
*Title of drama:

Please be expected to wait, the supplier needs time to obtain the dramas.

do contact me himitsu_spree@hotmail.com for any other questions.


yoyo sorry for asking so late, but can I ask you if she has the following dramas? Sorry if I give you any troubles! >.<;;

Nurse Man Special

no problem, i get back to you when she reply.
is the nurseman by mabo?
離天國最近的男人2 is by mabo and sho right?
haha yeah all got Sho inside one. =X

the nurseman is by Mabo and Sho, only the SP sho is inside.
hello, some of the shows are very old so she only has like these.

木更津貓眼 dvd
離天國最近的男人2 VCD only.
oh that's fine with me, so what would be the cost?
it's 13 for the dvd and 8 for the vcd. ^^