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himitsu_spree's Journal

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previously from blogspot, it's a site for singaporeans to spree. i have brought the spree over to lj because i think it's easier to place orders.

Terms and Conditions:-
01. Please note that there must be no changes and no cancellation of orders after you submit this form.
02. Taiwan shops usually take 1-2months to restock the items, so please be willing to wait. There must be no complaints about the duration of the arrival of your items because I am not responsible for the delay. If you are not willing to wait, then I'm sorry but please don't order.
03. I will not be responsible for any mistakes made by the Taiwan sellers.
04. I will not be responsible for the damage of any mails. I will also not be responsible for loss of any mails sent without being registered.
05. A flat rate of $2 per item(non refundable) will be collected as handling fees.
First payment includes
Total amount: Total amount in NT/20 + (SG$2 x Number of items)

Exchange rate will be NT/20(easy calculation). excess will be used to offset shipping.
06. Do leave the payment details after you are done with the transfer. No payment = No orders.
Second payment includes
(Total Shipping Cost(from Taiwan)/number of items) + Local Shipping cost(to your place)

shipping is usually $1-2 for small items but due to the exchange rate we are using, the top up is lesser.
07. In any case a spree is cancelled, all money will be refunded including the $2.
08. Meet-up only for people who purchased more than 5 items or bulky items like bags/shoes, i'm really sorry but at my convenience only.
09. I will try to send items asap when you have done the top up, so please don't bug me too much. sorry but I, doing the spree alone, cannot carry so many parcels.
10. all updates will be done IN THIS POST in future. 02 says you are expected to wait, so please bear kindly bear in mind that the restocking duration is not up to me to decide, but subjected the taiwan shops.

* Not responsible for the quality of the items.
** There are times where an item goes out of stock due to certain reasons like that type of clothing cannot be found, i have to apologise on behalf of them but there is nothing i can do about it.

When you arrive here, I assume you have finished reading 01-10, including "p/p/p/s". So there must be a clear understanding of the terms and conditions.
please join the spree only if you have clearly understood and agree and you are comfortable with what's listed above.

you can email me the form in THIS FORMAT if you don't wish to post your details in lj. all comments, however, will be screened due to personal information.

Shipping units:-
accessories = 0.5 shipping unit
normal shirts/tops/leggings = 1 shipping unit
denim clothings(shorts/skirts) = 1.5 shipping units
dresses/jackets/long pants/jeans/shoes/bags = 2 shipping units

one important term added in terms and conditions on 10.06.2008

Thank you for reading.
Any other questions, please email to himitsu_spree@hotmail.com